QDT in Brighton Open Market

Since August 2016 Quiet Down There have been based in Brighton Open Market - a covered market in the London Road area of Brighton which has been serving local communities for nearly 100 years.

We have a shop front studio and have been running artist-led workshops, book groups, lunches and school trips for the past 2 years. Funded by PRIDE Social impact Fund.

First We Eat

American food writer MFK Fisher believed that eating well was just one of the ‘arts of life’ and coined the phrase ‘First we eat...then we do everything else’.  Inspired by her approach to food and community we have created First We Eat - a chance for us to invite individuals to share their thoughts & feelings over lunch.  

Let us buy you lunch and in return we ask for an half hour conversation on a topic chosen by you, from a menu of themes.  

Across 2019 we spoke to 40 individuals on themes such as lonliness, duty, collections, libraries, recipe books, volunteering and crying in public. First We Eat will be back in Spring 2020.

Funded by PRIDE Social Impact Fund.