Project Paisley

As part of Camden's annual arts programme, we are inviting communities and visitors of all ages to take part in designing a unique Paisley pattern for Camden. Over the summer we will be exploring this universal pattern and its ability to conjure memories of people and places. In keeping with Camden’s vibrant counterculture roots and reputation as a place where fashion, culture and music collide, Project Paisley will explore individual expression, freedom and non-conformity through pattern, shape and colour. Design your own pattern and connect with others through Project Paisley.

Working with textile artist Saj Fareed, we will be delivering free workshops in libraries and community settings across Camden throughout July and August. 

Project Paisley drop-in workshops, all ages and abilities welcome:

Swiss Cottage Library, 26 July, 12 - 3pm

Pirate Castle, Camden Town, 1 August, 12 - 3pm

Queen's Crescent Library, 9 August, 1.30 - 4.30pm

Pancras Square Library, 10 August, 12 - 3pm

Kentish Town Library, 22 August, 12 - 3pm

Spot the Paisley all around you!

Project Paisley

Maybe it’s a droplet design in a garden gate or an elaborate design in the lady’s scarf sitting in front of you on the bus. Get snapping and share your everyday Paisley photos on social media using the hashtag #ProjectPaisley and #CamdenKala

Project Paisley is part of the Camden Kalã programme celebrating the UK/India year of culture.