Hijack is a programme of activities and experiences for families with children aged under 11. Hijack has been running in Brighton since 2006 and has offered many amazing experiences for families such as watching the sun come up, eating in the dark, an underwater disco and wild swimming. For details of the most recent activities visit hijackhq.com

For 2019 & 2020 Hijack’s activity will be themed around gender stereotypes and how to challenge them creatively as a family and as a society. On March 3rd we celebrated Hijack International Women’s Day at Komedia in Brighton with 180 adults and children taking part in 5 different artist-led activities.

Over the next 12 months Hijack are delivering It’s Not Fair - a programme of work with artists, schools & other organisations working to deliver gender equality. This programme consists of:

Born Equal - An after school club for years 1-4 creatively challenging gender stereotypes with artist Kitty Wallace

Library’s Project - An in-school club for Year 5 looking at the representations of gender in the school library and how school libraries can offer better balance

(Y)our Little Matter - A new digital experience for families created by Britt Hatzius & Cecile Graveson produced by Hijack

Its Not Fair - An event at Komedia in Brighton on June 6 & & 2020 looking at the different ways families and children can challenge the power of gender stereotypes.

This programme is funded by Komedia & Brighton & Hove City Council