Open Open 2017, Swiss Cottage Gallery July-Sep

The 2017 Open Open calls all artists, professional and amateur, from anywhere and any age, to bring along a piece of their artwork for exhibition. Recurring each year at Swiss Cottage Gallery, the Open Open provides a great opportunity for artists, professional and other, to show their work in a “salon style” exhibition.

Get the stories behind the artworks

Quiet Down There will be working throughout the exhibition to collect and share the stories of the artists and the artwork in this year's Open Open.

We will be presenting audio-visual stories gathered through conversations with artists, revealing the inspiration behind their artwork and its journey to the walls of the Open Open. These stories alongside reactions from local residents to the exhibition will be shared on Love Camden and across social media throughout the exhibition. 

Week 1: Samora Mohamed

Week 2: Bill Aldridge 

Week 3: Judith Gayle

Week 4: Marina Portero

We are also running a Speakers' Corner event on Saturday 2nd September from 2pm and will be inviting all exhibiting artists to join in and give a micro presentation (5 mins) about their work in a fun and friendly event with a public audience.  This is a drop-in event open to all ages.  For more information please contact