Not Somewhere Else, Monki Business / by lucy jefferies

Not Somewhere Else a Blog by Beth Moss

During the Brighton Fringe Festival, a member of our team Beth, visited Monki Business to see the international premier of his new show, Not Somewhere Else.

Monki is circus performer from Amsterdam. He became Monki when he discovered the Chinese pole and double pole, during his circus training. Now he takes us, the audience, on a journey inside his world and inside his head.


Monki broke the boundaries between circus and theatre by creating a show that uses live music, spoken word, video, circus, and a touch of madness (his own words) to invite the audience into the inner workings of his mind. He broke the fourth wall with the audience, by including us in the show and by speaking to us, to let us know that he was scared of us. He built a wall between him and the audience with a line of shoes, which made him feel more comfortable with us. It was a truly endearing and enlightening experience to be welcomed in to his world.

Monki was a truly accomplished circus performer, moving around his two pole set up beautifully and doing some terrifying drops to the floor which had the audience gasping. He was also a talented musician playing his bass guitar and using a loop peddle to make beautiful melodies that accompanied the his circus acrobatics.

Alongside this, Monki spoke to the audience (often from on top of a very high pole!), as well as having lots of old television screens that he had filmed himself speaking on, and so he had a dialogue with himself, almost as if these were his innermost thoughts talking back to him.


It was a brilliant merge of circus, acrobatics, music, cabaret, theatre, spoken word, drama and many other things. Brilliantly strange and endearing, Monki made the audience empathise with him, which is a difficult task to do.

A preview of Not Somewhere Else and other works can be seen on the Monki Business website: