Capturing the story of Paisley in Camden / by lucy jefferies

Hattie from the Project Paisley team tells us about her role in supporting the project and capturing the diverse stories shared in connection with the much loved Paisley print. Project Paisley is part of Camden Kala, Camden's annual arts programme, this year celebrating the UK/ India year of culture. Camden Kala highlights India's heritage both within Camden and beyond. 

Hi my name’s Hattie and I am the 'Paisley Capturer' for #ProjectPaisley. I will be taking pictures and capturing stories during the workshop and posting them to the @quietdownthere Instagram grid. This Summer, Saj Fareed (@pullandpin) and I will be bringing the Project Paisley workshop to libraries, community centres and festivals all over Camden. I grew up in Camden Town surrounded by celebration of diversity; Project Paisley is part of the Camden Kala which celebrates India’s vibrant impact on the Camden community. 

During the workshops, the participants can make their own colourful Paisleys using a technique called cellotape painting; this involves cellotape, paper and lots and lots of coloured tissue paper, resulting in beautiful, translucent Paisley shaped creations that can be taken home to stick on a window (they really are the new stained glass).  

It’s my job to capture these beautiful, unique creations and spread the Paisley fever all over social media. Each Paisley created also carries a unique story with it; the Paisley pattern has existed in our society for a long time, however everyone’s experience of the pattern is different. The Paisley print can be found in traditional Asian clothing, and simultaneously in rock-n-roll apparel. 

Photo 26-07-2017, 12 38 41.jpg

Over the next month, I will be collecting the stories and experiences that the workshop participants have to share, Saj will be incorporating these into an exciting final piece to be displayed inside Swiss Cottage Library at the end of September. In the meantime I will be posting the wonderful stories and the colourful creations of the Camden community on our Instagram page @quietdownthere

You can join in too and share your memories and associations with Paisley, tag your posts with #ProjectPaisley.

I’ll be blogging again soon to show you all the stories and Paisley patterns I have captured during Project Paisley

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Blog post by Hattie Upton-Dance