Making noise in Camden Libraries / by lucy jefferies

During the spring holiday's, Esther Springett facilitated workshops in four Camden libraries exploring Camden's unique art collection with Museum in a Box. Libraries are often quiet, solitary places but, on this occasion, things got a little loud and lively.

The Camden Art Collection, owned by the people of Camden, includes nearly 1,000 artworks by artists that have lived, studied and worked in the borough. Once upon a time, if you were a library member you could borrow artworks much like a library book. The Camden Art Collection has taken pride and place in homes across the Borough of Camden. 

'Museum in a Box' bring historical artefacts, artworks and museum curiosities to life through playful interactions with 3D printed objects and sound. The objects can be scanned like an Oyster card to enable them to talk! Key artworks from the Camden Art Collection have been 3D-printed to produce a 'Museum in a Box' which toured libraries and visited Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Having been invited to share her own responses to selected work from the collection, Esther then devised a series of workshops for families with story building activities, creative writing challenges and a foley sound effects mini masterclass!

Stories and poems recorded in workshops are available to listen to alongside the original artworks at Swiss Cottage Gallery (inside Swiss Cottage Library) between 3 May 2017 - 1 Jul 2017.

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